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Kings Landing Historical Settlement

Kings Landing Historical Settlement Facts

In the 1960s a process of damming the St. John River was begun. This led to the flooding of the river's banks. Historically, many people built their homes or other structures on the banks of the river. These buildings were now endangered. To save them from the flood plain they were removed to Kings Landing, where they formed a new "settlement."

Over 70 historic or reconstructed buildings make up the settlement at Kings Landing. These are filled with artifacts, furniture, tools and other equipment. Much of this is locally made, though some of it is American objects which were brought to the region by British loyalists escaping the Revolutionary War.

Kings Landing also employs a population of reenactors to further preserve the period atmosphere of the settlement. The period of these reenactors varies depending on the building they are working in and the events currently in progress.

The Kings Landing Historical Settlement features over 70 buildings furnished with artifacts, furniture, tools and equipment. The periods represented in the Settlement span from the 1790s to 1910. The various buildings that are on the premises are accurately decorated in the style of their respective periods. Many of the buildings represent houses, while others are farm buildings, mills, a church, a school, and a small factory.